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      Alternative Mother's Day Gifts

      Written By: Dianna Armand

      What do you think about when you hear the phrase “Mother’s Day Gift”? Chocolates, roses and syruppy cards?? We at SEED People’s Market want to challenge you to think outside of the box of chocolate. Give the mom in your life something different this year. When we think of a great gift for mom we, of course, think of an adventure, an activity, the tools to make it all happen and most of all, a lasting memory. 

      This Mother’s Day, you don’t need to worry about crowded restaurants if you plan a peaceful hike with lunch at a beautiful spot along the way or at the end. There are a variety of  day trails available throughout Southern California, check out “California Through My Lense” for some ideas. 

      Did you get your love of the outdoors from your mom? With our State and National Parks starting to open up, it is time to get back on the trails. Spring weather sometimes makes for wetter trails, a trail hiker with Gore-Tex to keep the water out is sure to make any mom smile this Mother’s Day! #Seedinthewild

      Speaking of Spring time and trails, why don’t you create an opportunity for mom to get on a trail anytime. Make her the perfect grab and go trail pack. It will make those spur of the moment day hikes and adventures even easier to attain.  Some goodies you may include are a headlamp,  water bottle, snacks and a power source to keep her phone powered up no matter what.

      How about a great kitchen adventure with mom? We know, we know  who wants to be in the kitchen on Mother's Day, but this is something different! Farmsteady  has everything you need in one kit to make the perfect everything bagel with mom, in her own kitchen. There is nothing better than a homemade bagel, especially when you plan to take that bagel along with some amazing local coffee

      to the beach to listen to the waves and catch up. We all need to take every opportunity to sit and chat with mom.

      Now, we all know that even the most outdoorsy moms enjoy a special piece of jewelry from time to time. Jewelry from a California Artisan who prides themselves in making everything in house, by hand, and with recycled materials is the way to go. Come into Seed Peoples Market and check out the Selene De Luna Necklace by Amano Studios in Sonoma. #productswithapurpose

      Above all remember to make this Mother’s Day and all days special with the mom in your life. Take time to think of gifts that are out of the ordinary and beyond the  expected. Look for products that encourage adventure, family memories, a simpler way of living and time outdoors. 

      “The hardest thing in the world is to simplify your life. It’s so easy to make it complex. What’s important is leading an examined life.” , Yvon Chouinard, founder Patagonia

      *images by:

      James Wheeler

      Ryan DaRin

      Tim Tiedemann

      Alternative Mother's Day Gift Collection