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    SEED Journal — Los Angeles

    Where to Eat & Drink While in LA

    Where to Eat & Drink While in LA

    Verve Coffee Roasters : DTLA

    “ We believe the coffee experience is our responsibility from seed to cup”

    The brand mantra of Verve Coffee Roaster’s is enough to draw your attention, especially on Earth Day 2016. This already incredible operation believes that it’s their mission to bridge the gap from farm level to street level coffee roasting.  

    The first stop on our list will make you think twice about what a delicious cup of coffee should taste like. Roasted locally up the coast from us in Santa Cruz CA, Verve coffee beans are recognized as one of the best bags of coffee that you can buy. Their rich brews take the coffee experience to another level. At this location you can also opt for one of the many delicious cold pressed Juices they have in store. "The Flight" is a set of 10 different Juices that will give you a kick start to your day. Try the “Bowl of Soul” if you’re in the mood for a rich and warm tea.

    Verve Coffee

    Pressed Juices at Verve Coffee LA

    The Rooftop at the ACE Hotel

    When you walk through the elevator doors to the rooftop level of the ACE Hotel, you can already tell that there is an experience to be captured here. With the city skyline stretching out in all directions this trendy spot can be enjoyed any time of day. With a bunker type bar, a plethora of events and local collaborations can be expected every day of the week.

    The Ace Hotel Downtown LA

    The Ace Hotel Downtown LA

    With appetizers and a delicious assortment of drinks from the bar, it is hard to tear yourself away from this place at the end of your stay. The entire rooftop has a Moroccan vibe from the decor to the lighting. The drinks are also cleverly named after different species of beautiful birds. Grab a cocktail with your friends and relax in this incredible atmosphere.

    Grand Central Market

    With its roots dating back to 1917 Grand Central Market has been a continuous operation that has evolved with modern times. This tastefully diverse market as always focused on the downtown population and strives to do the same today. With a mission to “celebrate the cuisines and cultures of Los Angeles” this spot will leave a lasting memory for any visitor or local to walk through its doors.

    Grand Central Market LA

    Grand Central Market LA

    Walking into the Grand Central Market is like walking into an epicenter of creative, ethnic, and delicious food and drink. Each nook of the market has something different for you to discover. With every vendor giving a spin on their culturally traditional dishes, you could probably eat in this market for the rest of your life and never get bored with the available plates.


    Tucked away in Venice Beach, this artisanal bakery is a hostesses dream come to life. The outside of Gjusta looks like a beautiful old abandoned warehouse with a sprawling interior that is occupied by the smell of freshly bakes breads.

    Gjusta LA

    LA Food Guide

    LA Food Guide

    When you walk through the screen door, a lively feel and welcoming attitude is immediately noticeable. The bakers and severs are all polite and happy to share their passion for their craft. The interior is flawlessly rustic and shows off their incredible food creations in a mouth watering fashion. Good luck on choosing from their robust menu, everything item is just as delicious as the next! Step through the back door into an well curated outdoor patio that you’ll want to relax under the L.A. sun all afternoon.

     Written by: Kelli Hiner