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    SEED Journal — paperless

    Tips for Going Green this St. Patrick's Day

    Tips for Going Green this St. Patrick's Day

    This St. Patrick's Day we aren't just wearing green - we are Going Green! 

    Read on for easy to implement tips and tricks for adopting a greener - more environmentally aware lifestyle. 



    So this is a pretty obvious one - but we have compiled a list of everyday items you may not have known to recycle!

    1. Old electronics like computers, TV's, cell phones, and power cords. Have an old iPhone lying around? Check out Apples Buy Back Program! Many office supply stores will also take back used ink cartridges.

    3. Think twice before tossing that old make-up bottle! Most cosmetic and beauty care packaging can be recycled. Many cosmetic companies will even take back old containers and give you credit for products in return! If you are taking your bottles to a traditional recycling plant just be sure to rinse them out before hand!

    4. Did you know you can recycle your old glasses? There are a number of organizations like that will up-cycle your glasses and give them to those who can't afford prescription glasses.

    5. Many people are taught to flush their old prescriptions drugs down the toilet instead of throwing them away. Unfortunatly, this can be extremely problematic when the drugs get into our lakes, oceans, and soil. Find a local drug take back program to dispose of your drugs legally and properly!

    6. Batteries are another one of the things we use all the time and can be devastating for our earth when they end up in landfills. Many large retailers like Home Depot, Lowe's and Staples will recycle your batteries for you!

    Go Paperless! 

    Going paperless can seem a bit daunting, but in reality there are so many little changes that make a huge difference! Opt for online bill pay instead of receiving your bills in the mail. This will cut down on a lot of annoying mail too. Do you really read the newspaper everyday? Cancel your delivery and download apps like the News App to stay up to date! Tax season is in full swing, perhaps you can file on online. Going to the movies? Use E-tickets when you can! So many places are transitioning over to E-ticketing options. Plus you won't have to worry about losing your tickets!

    Shop your Local Markets!

    It's no secret anymore that so many of our every day produce items are sadly covered in pesticides and harmful chemicals for your body and the planet. Opt to support your local growers by shopping at Community Farmer's Markets for your produce (don't forget to bring your market bag)!

    For those of you near us in Orange County, here is a list of our local markets!


    We hope you're feeling inspired to Go Green this St. Patrick's Day with these tips. Follow us in instagram and tag us in any more tips and tricks you may find!