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    SEED Journal

    FROM SEA TO CLOSET: A Sustainable Outerwear Solution

    FROM SEA TO CLOSET: A Sustainable Outerwear Solution

    Here at Seed People’s Market, transparency is of the utmost importance to us when looking at brands to partner with. We seek to curate a store that fits in with our mission of minimizing the garment industry's negative impact on the planet. Outerknown is a company that we can carry with confidence, knowing they are playing their part in shifting the global industry towards sustainability.

    A Shifting Tide 

    World Surf League Champion, Kelly Slater, and renowned designer, John Moore, birthed Outerknown out of a desire to create a surf inspired clothing line without having detrimental effects on the very oceans and planet that they call their home.

    "We created Outerknown to smash the formula. To lift the lid on the traditional supply chain and prove you can actually produce great looking menswear in a sustainable way."  - Kelly Slater

    Introducing ECONYL Technology 



    There are more than 640,000 tons of floating, abandoned fishing nets in our oceans, known as Ghost Nets. These nets are a threat to sea life and global ocean quality. Recently however, new technology is allowing for the breakdown and regeneration of fishing nets into fabrics for clothing.



    Italian based group Aquafil provides incentives for fisherman to turn in their nets instead of improperly disposing them or dumping them into our waters. With these nets, Aquafil combines other pre and post consumer waste fabrics to create an innovative top of the line nylon yarn - ECONYL®. With this closed loop regeneration system, Aquafil can breakdown and rebirth the nylon an infinite amount of times.

    “By collecting the fishing nets that are regenerated into ECONYL® products, we lessen our environmental impact while also cleaning up the oceans that we love so much – and that unique commitment to sustainability is central to who we are as a company” – Kelly Slater


    The Evolution Jacket 


    Through Outerknown's partnership with Aquafil, they have implemented the ECONYL®  technology into a number of their products. One of those products is The Evolution Jacket, a water resistant PFOA-free DWR outer-layer, features 100% ECONYL®  nylon twill, 100% recycled polyester fill, and 100% recycled PET lining. 

    The high performance jacket carries with it a deep respect for the environment and we are proud to offer it at SEED Peoples Market. Come shop the Outerknown Collection and feel confident that the clothes you are choosing are making a positive impact on the planet. 



      Join us on Monday, February 11th, at 3:30pm for a special Storytime! We are honored to have the author and illustrator of the children's storybook, Noodlephant, in to host the reading! 



      "Famous for her pasta parties, Noodlephant is shocked when the law-loving kangaroos decide noodles are only for them! Noodlephant wont let this stand—Noodlephants can't survive on sticks and branches, after all. Determined to do something to push back against an unjust law, she and her friends invent a machine that transforms pens into penne, pillows into ravioli, and radiators into radiatori. With that, the pasta parties are back! But that very night, the kangaroos come bounding through the door ready to enforce their unjust laws.


      A zany tale full of pasta puns, friendship, and one Phantastic Noodler, Noodlephant, written by Jacob Kramer and illustrated by K-Fai Steele, explores a community’s response to injustice."



      RSVP                        EVENTS CALENDAR 



      Love on the littles this year with some adorable #productswithapurpose

      KrochetKids Intl. Beanie 

      $22 - $28

      KrochetKids Beenie

      Bundle the little ones up in the most darling beanies by Krochet Kids Intl. 

      #productswithapurpose: Each product empowers the artisans through job creation, education, and mentorship and is hand signed by the maker.

      A Lost Art Croaking Frog


      Kids love creating music, especially when their instrument looks and sounds like an animal! Stroke the back on these croaking frogs and it will produce a strikingly similar sound to a chorus of frogs! We have to say, we have noticed the adults seem to love these frogs just as much as the little ones!


      #productswithapurpose: Each croaking frog is artfully hand carved and painted in an eco-friendly and fair-trade work environment in Thailand.

      Wee Gallery Organic Bunny Flippy Friends


      These bunnies are the perfect cuddly friend. They are designed to allow your child to flip through and explore a variety of emotions and daily rhythms.


      #productswithapurpose: These bunnies are ethically made in India with certified organic ingredients and eco-fill for washability.


      Milk Barn Bamboo Swaddles


      These swaddlers are just much a gift for mama as they are for baby.Give the gift of keeping baby close, safe, and sound with these Milkbarn swaddlers.


      #productswithapurpose: These swaddlers are made with 100% GOTS organic cotton. MilkBarn gives a percentage of their proceeds to Be a Hero, a foundation in partnership with Mama Jeanne's orphanage in Gomo, DR Congo, Africa.

      OhBaby! 2 Piece Sets


      oh baby



      OhBaby! has come out with a number of two-piece gift sets for baby and we are obsessed. Choose from a variety of featured colors and animals!


      #productswithapurpose:  Made with 100% cotton and hand crafted in Minnesota.

      10 GIFTS FOR HIM

      10 GIFTS FOR HIM

      Still on the hunt for the perfect Christmas gift for him? We thought we would help nudge you in the right direction with some SEED approved gifts.

      Here are 10 of our top gift ideas from SEED this holiday season!

      Secrid Wallet 

      $85 - $100

      secrid wallet  

      There's a certain charm to a nicely worn leather wallet, but if it's time for an upgrade, the Secrid Miniwallet is a great pick. Each wallet is RFID protected to block out any unwanted wireless communication and is equipped with a mechanism that slides all the cards out in one single motion.
      #productswithapurpose: Each and every Secrid wallet is crafted by hand in Holland.

      Bee & the Fox Papa Bear Tee


      papa bear

      Looking for a gift for dad or pops? The Papa Bear tee is a favorite here at SEED. And yes, there are matching tees for mom and baby!

      #productswithapurpose: Bee and the Fox is about "reconnecting to a simpler time, a time before cell phones and apps and all those things that interrupt family time."


      Gentlemen's Hardware Flight Ready Kit


      Flight kit

      Got a traveler on your hands? This Flight Ready Kit is classy, smells charming, and has everything needed for grooming on the go. The kit contains a travel size shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream, and post-shave lotion.



      #productswithapurpose: The Gentlemen's Hardware mission is to create products that are made responsibly and durably.

      Freewaters Slippers


      After a long day's work, there's nothing like kicking your shoes off and putting on some house slippers. Freewaters take slippers up a notch of luxury with arch support, vegan faux wool, and vegan leather. 

      #productswithapurpose: For every pair sold, Freewaters gives a percentage of their profit towards supporting water projects in Haiti, Kenya and the Philippines.

      Headlands Hand Made


      Sunglass cases, comb holders, credit card sleeves - Headlands Handmade provides high quality leather goods that are classy, sturdy, and unique.

      #productswithapurpose: Headlands Handmade products are, yes, handmade, in Dana Point, CA by a husband and wife team.

      Red Wing Limited Edition


      Red Wing has recently released two limited edition Classic Moc Boots. For those die-hard Red Wing fans, the 8818 and 8819 boots are top tier craftsmanship. 

      #productswithapurpose: Only premium leather from Red Wing's very own S.B. Foot Tanning Company is used in these boots and are all American made. 


      GrowlerWerks uKeg Pressurized Growler


      Nothing bums us out more than a flat beer at a holiday party. GrowlerWerks has created the perfect solution with their Ukeg Pressurized Gowler. This top of the line growler will keep beers fresh for up to two weeks!

      #productwithapurpose: Shop local and bring your uKeg Growler to your favorite local brewery to serve draft beer as your brew master intended.

      One Eleven Watch

      Is it about time to get him a new watch? Pun intended, of course. How about a solar powered watch? Chargeable by natural or artificial light, you'll never have to worry that this watch will stop ticking! 

      #productwithapurpose: Made from 85% recycled material, One Eleven is doing their part towards shifting the market towards sustainability.

      Yellow 108 Felt Hats


      There is a certain kind of satisfaction that comes with the feeling of a crisp, raw edged, hard felt hat. Yellwow 108 is a local favorite here in California.  

      #productswithapurpose: All Yellow 108 hats are made from 100% salvaged and recycled materials in Long Beach, CA.

      Filson Briefcase



      Briefcase, tool bag, or laptop carrier. This Filson briefcase can be an "everything" for him. With a durable 22oz rugged twill exterior and North American-sourced saddle quality bridle leather, this bag is a handsome choice.

      #productswithapurpose: All Filson products are made right here at home in the USA.

      10 GIFTS FOR HER

      10 GIFTS FOR HER

      At SEED, we pride ourselves on having gift-able items that are not only unique, but also are made with intention and care.

      Here are 10 of our favorite gift ideas for the ladies!

      The Tote Project

      The tote project 

      They're cute, they're functional, and they give back in numerous ways. These bags by The Tote Project do it all and make the ideal gift for the conscious consumer. 

      #productswithapurpose: The Tote Project has strict, ethical manufacturing standards and employ women who have been rescued from human trafficking. The artisans who create the products are in a training program that assist them towards starting their own businesses. Additionally, 10% of all profits are given to Two Wings, a non-profit working to end human trafficking.


      Beach Gold

      It's versatile, it's chic and it is a perfect staple for any outfit. Beach Gold Bali purses come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and every purse has a unique fabric interior made from Batik fabric. 

      #produtswithapurpose: All bags are hand-made in Bali.


      Beauty Care Naturals

      Crafted with the best of the best standards and ingredients, Beauty Care Naturals makes the most stunning nail polishes and matte liquid lip glosses.

      #productswithapurpose: All lip glosses and nail polishes are 100% toxic chemical free and made with organically certified ingredients.

      Giving Keys

      giving key necklace

      Give the gift of encouragement. Each giving key is stamped with an inspirational word. The necklace is to be worn until you meet someone who you feel needs the message stamped on the key. Then you gift it to them! The idea is that these keys will forever keep on giving.

      #productswithapurpose: Giving Keys are made in Los Angeles, CA and the company employs those transitioning out of homelessness in the inner city. 

       J.Southern Studios Kits

      cast of stone

      J.Southern Ritual Kits are beautifully packaged and ready to gift! Made to encourage a connection to the natural world, each bundle serves a different purpose. Tranquility & Peace, Focus & Awareness, Protection, and the holiday exclusive, Yule & Winter Solstice are among the many kits we carry. 

      #productswithapurpose: Each kit is thoughtfully, sustainably, and respectfully sourced from its place or people of origin, typically from small, local farms, private land, or companies based in the United States. 

       Macramé Plant Hanger

      macrame plant hanger

      We are convinced that macramé will never go out of style. Vintage meets modern in this macramé plant hanger.

      #productswithapurpose: Add an airplant or succulent, and this gift will bring life to any space!


      200 Women Book 

      What's more inspirational than a book about 200 radical women who change the way you look at the world? 200 WOMEN takes coffee table books to the next level.

      #productwithapurpose: A percentage of the original publishers revenue is given to a variety of non-profits that empower women and were nominated by the women featured in the book. 

      No Tox Life Wood Wick Candle


      Every one needs a bit of zen during the holiday season. No Tox Life Candles are just the thing to gift someone craving a little relaxation. The are hand poured with 100% soy wax and utilize a wooden wick for a spa like cracking sound. Come in quick and snag this special edition scent: Trestle & Tide crafted exclusively for SEED Peoples Market!


      #productwithapurpose: Each candle is hand crafted in Los Angeles by a mother-daughter duo.

      Free Spirit Fibers Earrings

      We all know macramé is a favorite of many, so why not make earrings out of the beloved fiber art!  Airy and light, these earrings come in a variety of sizes and colors.

      #productswithapurpose: Each piece is handcrafted by mother, wife, and creative Barb Bundy in Arizona.

      Sydney Brown Wine Heel Boots 


      These boots are a statement piece for the very special woman in your life. High fashion meets sustainability and functionality in the Low Ankle Wine Heel Boots by Sydney Brown.

      #productswithapurpose: Each boot is crafted with a sustainably harvested German beech wood wine-stained heel, vegan leather, and a cork covered recycled-fiber insole.