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      If you are interested in being a part of our growing team, please send a copy of your resume to BRENDA@SEEDPEOPLESMARKET.COM

      SEED Peoples Market
      Job Title Digital Marketing & Events Coordinator
      Reports To General Manager


      Duties and Responsibilities

      • Conceptualize and implement in-store and digital marketing campaigns with the goal of growing social media channels and web store traffic using brand messaging, imagery, contests, digital events and other activications.
      • Create and follow marketing communication calendar for the development of short-term and long-term digital strategy for social media, contests, and digital events.
      • Generate and manage digital content for social media and blogs based on the communication calendar while tracking performance with analytics.
      • Find and/or take imagery for all marketing platforms, ads and e-blasts.
      • Produce creative copy and visuals for social media, blogs, eblasts and in-store signage.
      • Maintain day-to-day posting on all social media profiles – incorporating trending topics, holidays, promotions, events, and industry news.
      • Provide customer service through daily interaction on all social media platforms – whether that be answer customer inquiries via Instagram or Facebook.
      • Serve as a central point of communication with companies/brands to plan, promote and execute all in-store events, digital events, promotions, giveaways, etc.
      • Coordinate with various departments in the execution of digital marketing campaigns through the scheduling and distribution of tasks and deadlines.
      • Lead meetings with brands to contribute ideas and implement marketing initiatives.
      • Place printing orders for physical marketing collateral when needed.
      • Other duties as outlined by the General Manager.



      • Extensive knowledge of all relevant social media platforms and their analytics
      • Competency in product photography, Canva, Photoshop/Adobe Illustrator, or other image editing programs.
      • AA or Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Communications, or equivalent preferred
      • Create and curate on-brand engaging content
      • Excellent copy writing and oral communication skills
      • Strong attention to detail
      • A strong understanding of key customer demographics to customize and create successful marketing materials
      • A strong understanding of our mission statement and be an advocate for it
      • Exceptional organizational skills
      • Ability to work calmly and professionally under pressure
      • Positive team player