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      If you are interested in being a part of our growing team, please send a copy of your resume to BRENDA@SEEDPEOPLESMARKET.COM

      SEED Peoples Market
      Job Title Ecommerce Coordinator
      Reports To Ecommerce Manager


      Duties and Responsibilities

      • Upload product to website through Erply (Point of Sales System) and Shopify
      • Sourcing imagery for products from the corresponding brands and editing images to format to the website’s standards
      • Assist in managing products/inventory in Shopify (product tagging, updating availability on social channels, removing out of stock products, adding to correct collections)
      • Work alongside Inventory Manager to resolve inventory issues that arise on the website
      • Work alongside Marketing Coordinator to assist in planning of photoshoots for in house imagery of products for joint e-commerce and marketing efforts. 
      • Assist in keeping all pages and information up to date on the website (hours, policies, etc.)
      • Update events page with monthly event information and create RSVP forms
      • Create collections of products for site navigation and marketing material (e-blasts, sales, etc.)
      • Participate in weekly marketing and Ecommerce meetings
      • Fulfill site orders through Shopify and Shipstation (packaging and shipping)
      • Communicate with online customers through customer service email/phone pertaining to all online orders
      • Assist in processing returns for all online orders
      • Troubleshoot any issues with uploading and maintaining product on website (Erply and Shopify)


      • Experience in Shopify or other Ecommerce platforms
      • Experience in Canva and Photoshop preferred
      • Experience in Excel and analyzing data preferred
      • Strong customer service skills for responding to customer inquiries
      • Great attention to detail for packaging orders and various inventory tasks
      • Creative/good eye for design and digital merchandising tasks