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      Danner Diaries

      Danner Mountain 600 Review 2023

      Danner mountain 600 review

      Let’s hit the trails! SEED People’s Market recently released the Danner Mountain 600 hiking boot, adding to their exclusive curation of Danner footwear. In collaboration with high-performance rubber soul brand, Vibram, Danner has delivered a lifelong boot for a lifetime of adventures. So whether you’re on the lookout for a new pair of premium hiking boots or have been keeping an eye on the quality-based boot brand, this Danner Mountain 600 review is worth the read.

      “Versatile wherever the adventure takes me.”

      My name is Robert and I'm the lead writer for SEED People's Market and Danner Diaries. If you’re a Southern Californian like myself, the gloomy days have overstayed their damn welcome. With temperatures dropping, clouds hovering, and weather forecasts fluctuating, I desperately needed an outdoor activity that wasn’t dependent on either. But it finally hit me; Hiking. And why not? Southern California is a hub of outdoor trails from the comely coastline of Crystal Cove to the serene slopes of Silverado Canyon.

      As far as expenses go, hiking doesn’t take a huge toll on your wallet as it solely comes down to finding the right apparel. And while technical tops and outdoor bottoms are important for the tougher trails, it is vital to begin with the right pair of hiking shoes, handling each and every step of the way. My wardrobe at the time needed a decent pair of shoes suitable for the vast terrain of California. Furthermore, it was crucial to find a pair of boots that can be versatile wherever the adventure takes me. 

      There was no doubt in my mind about which boot brand to approach. Since their arrival at SEED People’s Market, Danner has been the outdoor footwear pinnacle of our marketplace. From utilitarian work boots to hiking boot staples, the Oregon-based boot brand has been committed to building boots that can last without sacrificing quality.

      Danner mountain 600 men’s

      “An outdoor companion that can take on an abundance of adventures.”

      In 2023, Danner introduced a new face for the trails; The Danner Mountain 600 4.5” hiking boot. The Danner Mountain 600 is at the forefront of Danner’s new category in men’s and women’s hiking boots, Performance Heritage; A combination of their classic styling with lightweight innovation and modern technology. As the men’s and women’s Danner Mountain 600 hiking boots hit our shelves in the natural Antique Bronze and Murky Green colorway, I found the perfect pairing for the Californian trails.

      On a sunny Saturday morning, I laced up my Danner Men’s Mountain 600 4.5” hiking boots for Meadows Trail, located in Laguna Canyon. Throughout the hike, I was relieved to find out that a break-in process was nearly non-existent. That’s rather hard to come across with most boots as initial hikes involve agony on the feet. The beginning of the hike was smooth; however, I was met with a steep, narrow decline into the canyon. With the wrong shoe, you could’ve found me in the dust and on my a**. However, applauding the Vibram Megagrip outsole, I was dancing on dirt and feeling as confident as ever.

      That confidence enabled me to lace up my Danner Mountain 600 boots for the many Orange County hikes that pursued; El Moro Canyon, Weir Canyon, Buck Gully, and Red Rock Canyon to name a few. All checked off in a matter of months. The Danner Mountain 600 became a trail companion that can take on an abundance of adventures.

      Frequently Asked Questions about the Danner Mountain 600.

      Do Danner Mountain 600 run big?

      The Danner Mountain 600 hiking boots run big for men’s and women’s sizes. Rule-of-thumb is to size down a half-size for optimal comfort and breathing room. You can shop at our Costa Mesa store and try on men’s and women’s Danner 600 hiking boots in person.

      Can Danner Mountain 600 be resoled?

      Yes, Danner Mountain 600 boots can be recrafted with the careful replacement of the outsole. This can be done by Danner’s Boot Recrafting services provided on their website or by going to a local cobbler. Prices may vary between a cobbler and third-party recrafting services, so I recommend checking out Danner and their recrafting team based in Portland, Oregon.

      Do Danner Mountain 600 boots need to be broken in?

      After wearing the Danner Mountain 600 on several hikes, there is little to no break-in process. This may vary case-by-case and could depend on having the right size and making sure to wear technical socks.

      Are Danner Mountain 600 hiking boots waterproof?

      With its self-adapting lugs and specially formulated Megagrip compound, the Danner Mountain 600 outsole provides incredible grip on both wet and dry surfaces. Furthermore, each shoe is equipped with Danner dry waterproof liner.

      Danner men’s mountain 600 4.5 hiking boot

      Your next trail companion.

      If the Danner Mountain 600 hiking boot seems like the perfect fit for your abundance of adventures, SEED People’s Market has a pair waiting for you. Available in both men’s and women’s sizes, you can try one on for size in-store or check it out online. Our marketplace offers several different styles from Danner, perfect for any adventure or forte.

      Danner Bull Run Moc Toe Boots Review 2023

      Danner Bull Run Moc Toe Boots Review 2023

      I soon realized that these boots were made for walking, and a hell of a lot more.

      My name is Robert from SEED People’s Market and I recently collaborated with partnered footwear brand, Danner, taking home a pair of Danner Bull Run Moc Toe boots. For the 30 days that followed, I logged my daily steps in these American-crafted boots and compiled an honest overview of the Danner Bull Runs. This diary will include my experience wearing my Danner Bull Run boots casually during my day-to-day, utilizing the mens Danner boots in a home project, and answering frequently asked questions about the Danner shoes. I'm incredibly excited to share my journey with those who've grown a particular interest in Danner and those who haven't walked that trail yet.

      These Boots Were Made for Walking  - Danner Bull Runs Day-to-Day

      Bringing home the Danner Bull Run Moc Toes over the pursuing weekend felt like Christmas morning. From the fine, forest green packaging of the men’s boots to the nostalgic smell we all know too well, I felt giddy unboxing the Danner shoes. However, there was an Ebenezer Scrooge in the household; my roommate, and my best friend, Jake. A mechanical engineer during the week and a garage hobbyist during the weekends, Jake was quick to investigate the utilitarian work boot. Starstruck by the polished, full-grain leather and the precise stitch-down construction of the boot, he shrugged it off and stated, “Well, good luck with breaking them in. It took more than two weeks of wounding blisters and discomfort to get my boots right.”

      Being my first work boot, a part of me was intimidated by this haunting breaking-in process that he proclaimed. Nevertheless, the reputation and trust that has been cemented in Danner shoes gave me the confidence I needed to take the Danner Bull Runs for a walk.

      That Sunday morning, I laced up the Danner boots, tightened them to a pulse, and walked down from my Dana Point residence to the annual, Redo Market. On a morning filled with small businesses and local artisan vendors, I strolled through the marketplace with surprising ease. With the assistance of the patented outsole, I constantly received the cushioning and support that I needed. I soon realized that these boots were made for walking, and a hell of a lot more.

      For most utilitarian boots on the first day, you can expect that discomfort and agony that Jake forewarned. However, it seemed that the Danner Bull Run Moc Toe boots fit like a glove. Walking nearly 10,000 steps that day, these boots were exceeding my expectations and I looked damn good in them too. These boots have a classy shine to them, complimenting the established quality and longevity of the footwear.

      Getting the Job Done - Danner Bull Run Boots in Action

      Now, I know what many readers are thinking; "Robert, you seem like a nice guy. But most work boots aren't built for looks or flea market sprees. They're meant for getting the job done." Touché. Wedge sole boots are a classic Americana staple for the utilitarian worker and that weekend job. I knew it was time to put the Danner Bull Run boots to the real test.

      Jake and I mapped out a house project the following weekend; a homemade flower bed for the sideyard. This project isn’t necessarily the most advanced for the sawdust enthusiast, but it was a good start for my skills and these shoes. Nevertheless, from the careful cutting of the cedar boards to the delicate drilling of the screws, I felt well-balanced and comfortable throughout the project. It was one thing walking around, but when you have to get down and dirty, the notable qualities of the mens Danner boots started to show.

      Whether you’re utilizing the Danner Bull Runs for weekend projects like myself or the five-day job, Danner adds even more longevity to the boot with their boot recrafting services and warranty. Safe to say, the Danner Bull Run Moc Toe boots will be your best friend for the many years and projects to come.

      Frequently Asked Questions about the Danner Boot

      Danner boots recrafting services

      Can Danner Bull Run boots be resoled?

      Yes, Danner Bull Run boots can be recrafted with the careful replacement of the outsole. This can be done by Danner’s Boot Recrafting services provided on their website or by going to a local cobbler. Prices may vary between a cobbler and third-party recrafting services, so I recommend checking out Danner and their recrafting team based in Portland, Oregon.

      Are Danner Bull Run boots waterproof?

      Unfortunately, Danner Bull Run boots are not waterproof; however, if working in wet, slippery conditions, these Danner boots have a non-marking, oil-and-slip, resistant outsole to keep you secure on the job.

      Are Danner Bull Runs true to size?

      Yes, Danner Bull Runs are true to size based on their sizing chart; however, there are preferences for leaving more space or little room for the foot. Whether you want that tight fit of the boot or want a little extra wiggle room, SEED People’s Market currently offers adult sizing between 8-13 to meet your needs.

      What does moc toe mean in boots?

      Moc toe originates from the moccasin-style stitching of the work boot which is the seam surrounding the top of the Danner Bull Runs.

      What is the point of moc toe?

      The moc toe design often brings more comfort to the day-to-day usage of the Danner Bull Run. This design allows the utilitarian boot to be capable to do more outside of the job.

      My Honest Danner Boots Review

      So here’s my honest Danner boots review. From the flea market sprees to the weekend projects to more day-to-day strolls, Danner intentionally or unintentionally created a boot comfortable and capable of doing it all. Heck, I’m wearing my Danner Bull Runs as I type this out at my work desk. This boot is a wardrobe keeper, complimenting many outfits, outings, and outdoor occasions. Not only does Danner talk the talk with their handcrafted boots, but they certainly walk the walk with their array of adult footwear.

      Danner shoes

      Where to Buy Danner Boots

      No matter your forte or the adventure that awaits in 2023, SEED People’s Market offers an advanced array of other Danner boots including men’s and women’s Danner Trail 2650, Danner Panorama, Danner Panorama Mid, and Danner Free Spirit shoes. If you’re unsure of sizing, we have our flagship location located in Costa Mesa, California. You can also browse a wider catalog of Danner shoes through their website. Regardless, we assure you that Danner boots have the quality, durability, longevity, and comfortability that we all need in a boot. I’d say it’s time to try one on yourself!