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      SEED Sessions

      Celebrate The 4th of July Your Way

      Written By: Dianna Armand

      This will be a 4th of July Celebration like no other. After over a year of uncertainty the idea of celebrating life again is exciting. There are so many options to have a great time on the 4th, and not all of them require a large group of people with pricey tickets. We at Seed Peoples Market, love celebrations that are focussed on enjoying your friends, family, the outdoors and most of all making memories.So let’s get outside and celebrate the 4th of July. How about a backyard celebration, but with a twist? Something different than the standard BBQ. Maybe a backyard olympics party? This is guaranteed to be a great time for adults and children alike. Create a few games around your yard (front or back), break into teams. Each team will have a score sheet, and need to complete each game at least once. When everyone has rotated through all the games, total the score and see who is the winning team. If you set this up in the front yard, you may be surprised at the neighbors you meet.

      Speaking of neighbors, how about a neighborhood bike parade. Invite your friends and neighbors to come over and decorate then ride their bikes through the neighborhood. Provide the basics, streamers, balloons, etc. You can reward them with a cool 4th of July themed drink at the end or the journey. You want to get out of the city you say? We'll let’s go!

      How about camping for the family and friends, including the 4 legends of course, at a local campsite. Most cities in Southern California have a campsite just an hour or so away. This is a perfect escape especially if your pup is frightened by the loud noises on the 4th. There is nothing better than sitting around the campfire, cooking dinner,  making some festive cocktails and watching the stars. After all, those stars in the dark night sky are the greatest light show of all.Are you a little antsy from being away from people for so long and want to celebrate with something a little more flashy? There are some great local events that are happening this year. Here are just a few that will be a blast. The City of Huntington Beach is continuing the 117 year tradition of the largest celebration west of the Mississippi. This includes neighborhood decoration contests, a parade , a beer and wine garden and food trucks. Newport Beach is hosting the 10th Annual 4th of July is for Families Newport Peninsula Bike Parade and Festival. This event includes carnival games, music, food and much more. Last but not least Dana Point brags the Best Southern California Fireworks display. The fireworks are shot from a barge on the water, off the coast line of Doheny State Beach. If you are anywhere along the coastline of the OC, just look up between 5:00 and 5:55pm. The Condor Squadron will do their annual flyby in WWII airplanes starting in Huntington Beach and ending in San Clemente.Whether you decide to create your own fireworks display in one of the OC cities that allow fireworks or just choose to chill at home with a few close friends, make this 4th a celebration to remember.

      *Photos by:

      Aaron Burden

      Kevin Erdvig

      Max Andry

      Condor Squadron Organization

      The Things We Will See ... Road Tripping

      Written By: Dianna Armand

      We are the lucky ones, we live within a day or so from several states and amazing National Parks. The National Parks Service was established March 1 in 1872, with the first park being Yellowstone. Since the inception of the NPS,  more of the amazing natural spaces have been added. to reach today's total of over 400 parks. The time is now, get in your car or RV, pack your tent or make a reservation at a hotel. It doesn’t matter how you do it, just get out there and experience the amazing natural world around you. From Southern California you are only hours from any one of a number of National Parks. Two of them are Zion National Park within 6 ½ hours from OC,  and Yosemite National Park at about 5 hours from the OC . Let’s start with a trip to Zion!

      As you walk through the sandstone cliffs, and view the deep crevasses the rushing waters have left behind, are you able to imagine the first people, the Anasazis ? You are walking in their footsteps of 12,000 years ago. While in Zion your choice of activities are endless.  Biking, hiking, camping, Canyoneering and birding are a few of your options. Inside the park is the Zion National Park Lodge. Campgrounds are found within the park for tent camping and for RV’s. Be aware when packing for your trip that there is little to no shade in the campgrounds so be prepared for day temperatures to exceed 95 degrees and the nights to not dip below 65. You can spend your days hiking the many trails throughout the park. Trails range from easy to intense, but remember you are hiking in a desert, so plan accordingly. If you want a more leisurely visit to the park, staying at the Zion Lodge right outside the park is the way to go. Rooms in the lodge as well as private cabins are available. This national park is majestic and a must see!

      Now let’s change the scenery. We are going to move from the desert climate of Zion to the majestic trees and rushing waters of Yosemite National Park. Yosemite was first added to the Park Services in 1864 and is best known for its waterfalls and scenic views. Spanning 12,000 miles the park showcases deep valleys, grassy meadows, ancient sequoias and magnificent rock faces. When planning your trip to Yosemite you can stay in a luxury hotel, the Ahwahnee, traditional cabins, canvas sided cabins, camping or high country camping. 

      One of the many beautiful sites in Yosemite is the waterfalls. There are several in the park, and the best time to view them is in the Spring after the snow melts. Yosemite Fallsis the highest waterfall at the park, as well as in North America, coming in at 2,425 feet from the top to the base. The hike to the falls is a roundtrip of 7.6 miles that will take you 6 to 10 hours depending on your fitness level. If you are hiking with family, children and pets, check out the Lower Yosemite Falls hike. The lower falls in only a 1 mile loop taking about 30 minutes, but still rewards it’s hikers with amazing views of the falls. Want to take a peak before your trip, Yosemite has a webcam that allows you to see the falls in real time. 

      For additional information about any of the National Parks, visit  As always, we at Seed People's Market want to encourage you to enjoy the longer days of Summer, hit the road, travel and make some memories. Share your travels with us, we love to see where your adventures lead,  #seedinthewild.  

      Remember when visiting any natural area to always leave no trace.

      *Photos by:

      Rich Martello

      Karan Chawla

      Adam Kool

      Camping ... A Weekend Escape

      Written By: Dianna Armand

      You hear the phrase all around you, "Back to Normal". We want to challenge you to take this opportunity to create your NEW normal. A normal that includes adventures with your partner, family memories, time in nature and taking deep relaxing breaths around a campfire. 

      At SEED Peoples Market one of our favorite activities is camping. Campsites are available on beaches, in mountains and in deserts. Some are less than an hour away, while others you can only get to with a bit longer drive. Week end trips or week long trips, it doesn't matter, memories are just waiting to be made.  

      There are a few easy to access, family friendly weekend campsites we want to share with you. The first is O’Neill Regional Park located in Trabuco Canyon just outside the city of  Rancho Santa Margarita. It is 4500 acres spanning Trabucco and Live Oaks Canyons and has day use and overnight campsites. The campground is surrounded by sagebrush, chaparral and other natural flora and fauna. Spaces are available for hiking, biking and BBQ’s, as well as firepits. Both tent and RV camping is an option. We suggest that you check out for reservations additional information, including current hours, and updates due to weather.

      What if your happy place is within view of the Ocean? No problem, check out San Elijo State Beach located along the San Diego Coast. 

      This beautiful beach offers overnight camping, swimming and surfing. There is also a nearby reef that is very popular with snorkelers and divers. Online reservations are available through the Reserve California website.

      Up for more of an adventure, maybe a little drive to the Northern part of California. Approximately 4 hours from Orange County is Sequoia National Park  located in the Southern Sierras and known for its majestic Sequoias.

      Overnight tent camping, cabins and hotels are located in various areas throughout the park, making the beauty of this area accessible for all.  Sequoia offers extensive hiking trails, some join the 211 mile trek of the  John Muir Trail. Other shorter ones about a mile round trip are perfect for families with younger children. Remember to be prepared on the trails, take a backpack for snacks, water  and the basic necessities regardless of the length of the trail.
      While visiting Sequoia you are almost  guaranteed to view some of the park's beautiful wildlife.  A complete list can be found at

      Two hours south of Orange County is the Joshua Tree National Park. The Park sits where the Mojave and Colorado Deserts meet and covers 800,000 acres. Much of this acreage is not accessible, the parts that are accessible provide a diverse collection of plants and animals for visitors to enjoy. 

      Campsites are available at Joshua Tree, and are generally considered the best way to experience the natural area. A wonderful reference for the area is James Kaisers Guide to Camping in Joshua Tree. Being in the desert at night provides the most magnificent view of the stars in the pitch black skies. 

      Every year a National Dark Sky Festival is held at Joshua Tree. To enjoy this festival make sure to have a red flashlight, warm clothing and a chair. Above all have patience and be flexible. 

      Always remember to plan ahead, check out the local land State Park websites for all information you may need, including any restrictions due to the current environment. Whatever your new normal is make sure to include nature, outside activities, and of course camping!

      As always we love it when you share your adventures with us, #SEEDinthewild 

      *images by:

      Josh Campbell 

      Denys Nevozhai

      Jayma Leavengood 

      James Kaiser

      Creating Hygge in Your Life

      Creating Hygge in Your Life

      During these very different and often difficult times, it is important to have a place to cultivate your mindset for the day ahead of you, or reset when the day is over. Take a minute to ask yourself,  “Do you have a place that fits this need for you?” If you answered yes, then that is wonderful. How about creating that place in your mind as well? If you answered no, then let's figure out how to create it. In creating this space it is important that it feels cozy, calming and safe. The place you create to focus and recharge might be a reading nook, a great old leather chair with  the perfect cup of coffee in hand, or a quiet place in the garden. 

      The Danish have a term for this special feeling or mindset, Hygge (pronounced hoog-uh)

      This word encompasses the feeling of wellness and contentment created by being present in the moment. It is important to give yourself space and time to create these moments in your daily life. Maybe you start each day off wrapped up in a cozy hand woven artisan blanket, and watch the sunrise with a cup of coffee. Is sunrise a little early in the day for you? Us too! How about creating a corner in your home, a hygge nook?

      You only need a few things to create this space. We bet you have them in your home already. Let’s start with a candle.  Pick a scent that leaves you feeling calm and relaxed. Now what about your favorite drink, a warm cup of tea or a single malt aged to perfection and poured neat? Find a place to sit, take a look around, take a deep breath, be in the moment, really just be there. Let go of the day; the tasks that will need to be done tomorrow and the ones that weren’t finished today.  Slow down, enjoy the taste of your drink, the scent and flickering light of the candle, maybe fill your dreamer's soul by flipping through a book about legendary hiking trails. We suggest Wanderlust.

      If you don’t have the space to create a hyggelig atmosphere in your home to relax, don’t worry, you can make it a state of mind as much as a specific space.  It can be as simple as putting on your favorite most comfy sweats and socks, turning down the lights, lighting a candle and indulging in a piece of decadent chocolate. Maybe take a moment, open the window and listen to the rain in the evening. Go for a walk on the beach, smell the salty air. Sit in the garden on a Saturday afternoon watching the birds flit and play. If you give yourself the time to be present during these moments, they will help to create the space needed to enjoy a moment of calm and contentment in your life. 

      Remember to slow down, give yourself space to completely enjoy and experience the little moments.  Making Hygee  a part of your life will help you create a space to feel calm and special even during the longest days. Check out to learn more about the history of this wonderful way of creating space for well being in your life. Don’t forget to share your Hygge space with us on social media and tag your photos  with #Homeseedhome!

      We are hand crafters

      We are members of the planet

      We are creators of green products 

      We are committed to sustainability

      We support local artisans

      We encourage diversity

      We are community

      We are community

       Written By: Dianna Armand

      How to Start Your Own Home Garden - Apartment Living

      How to Start Your Own Home Garden - Apartment Living

      Sow your first seed, plant your first plant. Put it in a mason jar, an old bowl or that great mug you found at the thrift store- just plant it. The most important thing to remember about gardening is to just start. It is important not to be so overwhelmed with all the do’s and don’ts that you do nothing.


      Growing food can be done almost anywhere. You can grow directly in the soil, in raised beds, in empty jars, or an old pair of boots. Three things to remember when planting is to have the right amount of light, good drainage and healthy soil. To figure out how much you need of what, just read the side of a seed packet, like these from All Good Things. Or if you are buying a seedling, read the stake you find in every one.

      Time to start planting! Grab your favorite vessel, a bag of good soil (ask your local nursery associate), some small stones and choose your plant. The stones will be necessary to to ensure that you have drainage, especially if you are using a non traditional vessel or pot It is best to put a 2 to 3 inch layer of small stones on the bottom. This layer of stones will help to prevent your roots from sitting in soggy soil. If there is an excess water it will drain through the soil, and sit in the stones like a reservoir. Now put some soil in a bowl and add water to dampen it. Planting in moist, but not over wet soil is crucial as it helps the roots get established. Once you have your stones and soil in your container add your start. Make sure the root ball is spread slightly, then fill around the plant with additional dirt. No need to pack down the soil around your plant, just fill loosely with soil. Finish with a light watering, and voila, you have a potted plant. Follow these steps for as many plants as you want.

      When growing in a small space, don’t be limited to where you think plants belong. Maybe you grow lettuce as a centerpiece on the kitchen table or fresh herbs on a plant stand in the living room. Of course you can always grow in any window sill. No matter where you grow, find a place where your plants get enough light during the day. After all, light is food for your plants. This may mean that you move your plants to a light filled area during the day, then back in the evening.

      Overall remember have fun, be creative, and just plant it!

      Written By: Dianna Armand