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      SEED Sessions

      How to Start Your Own Home Garden - Apartment Living

      How to Start Your Own Home Garden - Apartment Living

      Sow your first seed, plant your first plant. Put it in a mason jar, an old bowl or that great mug you found at the thrift store- just plant it. The most important thing to remember about gardening is to just start. It is important not to be so overwhelmed with all the do’s and don’ts that you do nothing.


      Growing food can be done almost anywhere. You can grow directly in the soil, in raised beds, in empty jars, or an old pair of boots. Three things to remember when planting is to have the right amount of light, good drainage and healthy soil. To figure out how much you need of what, just read the side of a seed packet, like these from All Good Things. Or if you are buying a seedling, read the stake you find in every one.

      Time to start planting! Grab your favorite vessel, a bag of good soil (ask your local nursery associate), some small stones and choose your plant. The stones will be necessary to to ensure that you have drainage, especially if you are using a non traditional vessel or pot It is best to put a 2 to 3 inch layer of small stones on the bottom. This layer of stones will help to prevent your roots from sitting in soggy soil. If there is an excess water it will drain through the soil, and sit in the stones like a reservoir. Now put some soil in a bowl and add water to dampen it. Planting in moist, but not over wet soil is crucial as it helps the roots get established. Once you have your stones and soil in your container add your start. Make sure the root ball is spread slightly, then fill around the plant with additional dirt. No need to pack down the soil around your plant, just fill loosely with soil. Finish with a light watering, and voila, you have a potted plant. Follow these steps for as many plants as you want.

      When growing in a small space, don’t be limited to where you think plants belong. Maybe you grow lettuce as a centerpiece on the kitchen table or fresh herbs on a plant stand in the living room. Of course you can always grow in any window sill. No matter where you grow, find a place where your plants get enough light during the day. After all, light is food for your plants. This may mean that you move your plants to a light filled area during the day, then back in the evening.

      Overall remember have fun, be creative, and just plant it!

      Written By: Dianna Armand


      Venture Out and HIke!

      Venture Out and HIke!

      Even though Punxsutawney Phill saw his shadow and decided that there are 6 more weeks of winter, that is no reason for you to climb back into bed this weekend. Get up, get out and go explore!

      This time of year is the perfect time to get out and go for a hike. The air is cool in the morning before the day warms up to comfy temperatures as the sun gets higher in the sky. There are hiking trails everywhere that are looking forward to having your feet on them. A great site for local hikes that we love at the SEED Peoples Market is  SoCalHiker  The site breaks down hikes by location, mileage, difficulty and even if they are dog friendly, because we all know that the 4 leggeds love to explore with us. If you are a dog parent who wants to hike with your pup, check out  BringFido!

      Ridgeline Trail San Clemente

      You can bet that this time of year there is a good chance that you will still have brisk mornings on your walk, so make sure to take a lightweight jacket that dries fast, and is super comfortable. Regardless of how long a hike you take it is important to stay hydrated, and have shoes with good support. Consider taking a lightweight backpack for your keys, water, snacks and basic first aid supplies. Hiking is a great way to get out and get exercise while being surrounded by nature.  If a long hike is daunting don't worry, even an afternoon at the park or a walk on the beach will provide many of the same health benefits as a hike.

      Moro Canyon Loop

      Did you know that there are several studies that show spending time in nature is beneficial for long and short term health, both physical and mental? One type of nature medicine is called ecopsychology,  the relationship between nature and people.  Spending time in nature everyday will help with mental clarity, happiness and an overall reduction of stress. Dive into this article about Nature and Mental Health by to learn more about the connections between the natural world and your mental health. 

      Peter's Canyon Loop

      So take advantage of every opportunity to find a new hiking trail, watch a sunrise or sunset at the beach, or just a quick walk at your local park. Get up, get out and go explore. It is good for your mind and your body, now who doesn't want a healthier mind and body. Remember to share your adventures with us, use the  hashtag #Seedinthewild on Instagram.


      We are handcrafters

      We are members of the planet

      We are creators  purveyors of green products 

      We are committed to sustainability

      We support local artisans

      We encourage diversity

      We are community

      We are SEED People's Market

       Written by Dianna Armand

      *Images via SoCal Hiker and Crystal Cove State Park

      Try It, Chai It!

      Try It, Chai It!

      If you're in need of a different kind of kick than your regular cup of coffee, add some spice to your routine with any of Vahdam India's Chai blends. Tea sometimes gets a bad rap for being too light and watery, so if you're feeling like a more full-bodied drink, you can still enjoy tea by making it a latte! Just follow this easy recipe: 


      - Vahdam Chai Tea

      - Water

      - Milk (we personally love Oat Milk for a rich and frothy texture) 

      - Sugar or sweetener of your choice (optional) 


      You will first need to make a Chai concentrate, consisting on a very strong Chai brew (1/4 c) and sugar to taste, if desired. 

      While that is brewing, pour some milk in a small pot and heat it up on the stovetop, as it's heating up, begin to foam the milk with a milk frother or a whisk. 

      Pour over your Chai concentrate and enjoy! 

      Discover SEED Sessions: The Stories Behind #productswithapurpose

      Welcome to the newly refreshed SEED Peoples Market Blog. We are so excited to share our commitment to products with a purpose with you! This blog is a showcase of the SEED community, which will encourage you to  live your best, most conscious, content filled life. A life filled with balance, fulfillment and experiences.

      What is your goal this year? Hike the John Muir Trail, the Pacific Crest Trail or just go for a walk at  your local park? Start a garden, join a local CSA? Spend more of your dollars on green products to make a difference in the future? Or just find a place to learn about cool new products and support local artisans? All of that and more can be found in the SEED Peoples Market Blog. We are looking forward to highlighting the stories behind #productswithapurpose, the people behind those products, and the way those products move about the world and enhance our everyday lives.  

      We can’t wait to share the backstories of some of the coolest creators around, awesome products for coffee, picnics, cocktails and more, as well as local happenings and events that represent our mission to bring you ethical products for a more conscious lifestyle.So come along with us on this journey, we can’t wait to see where we go !! 

       We are handcrafters
      We are members of the planet
      We are purveyors of green products
      We are committed to sustainability
      We support local artisans
      We encourage diversity
      We are community
      We are People's Market

      Written By: Dianna Armand

      Let Go, Live Blissed: Guided Meditation with LiveBlissed (1/30)

      "The Let Go, Live Blissed meditation was a magical way to start my Saturday. Although I wasn’t sure what to expect since I had never attended a guided meditation prior to this one, I went into it with an open mind.
      I picked up my meditation box earlier in the week, which included a sage bundle that was to be used during the meditation. The box was packaged so nicely and I especially loved the personalized, handwritten note! I was glad to see that the box also included an event guide to help attendees prepare for the meditation. As someone who is new to all of this, setting up your space and knowing how to prepare your mind and physical space was not so intuitive.

      Once all the guests were in the Zoom room, we were greeted by Mason, who led us through the entire event. He gave us an overview of what to expect during the meditation.
      The first thing we did was sage our individual spaces. Mason explained that burning sage is a practice used in many cultures used to clear any negative energy in your surroundings. Even though there are different beliefs stemming from different cultures when it comes to sage burning, he emphasized that we can all benefit from it, no matter what culture we’re from or what belief system we follow. This was an extremely inclusive and welcoming space.
      After the sage was burnt, we did some light body movements to loosen up. I found this very soothing and a good reminder to let go of any unnecessary tension. The light movements were then followed by a Pranayama breathing exercise designed to release tension and enhance peace of mind.
       Then we started the meditation which was a visualization meditation. Mason took us through an imaginary paradise. Whatever our idea of paradise was, we visualized ourselves there, present in the moment. We acknowledged any feelings and emotions that we wanted to let go of and leave behind and did just that. It was important to note, however, that leaving behind didn’t mean completely ignoring any stress in your life, but rather acknowledging and accepting it with grace. Something Mason said that stuck out to me was “You are not your thoughts, you are not your emotions.” You have thoughts and emotions but cannot allow them to take over the real, blissful, serene YOU.
      The perfect way to end the event was with a soothing “sound bath” in which Mason used different types of Singing Bowls, including one made entirely of Crystal Quartz. The sound of this bowl took the experience to another level. The sound vibrations took over, and even though I listened through the computer screen, I could sense these vibrations flowing through my body. I quite literally felt cleansed by this sound and understand why it’s called a sound bath!

      Overall, I felt so light and at ease after this experience. I’ve always been curious to get into the practice, and this was a great way to kickstart my journey. Meditation is such a simple habit to build, with so many benefits associated to help us live more blissful lives."