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      SEED Sessions — event

      Let Go, Live Blissed: Guided Meditation with LiveBlissed (1/30)

      "The Let Go, Live Blissed meditation was a magical way to start my Saturday. Although I wasn’t sure what to expect since I had never attended a guided meditation prior to this one, I went into it with an open mind.
      I picked up my meditation box earlier in the week, which included a sage bundle that was to be used during the meditation. The box was packaged so nicely and I especially loved the personalized, handwritten note! I was glad to see that the box also included an event guide to help attendees prepare for the meditation. As someone who is new to all of this, setting up your space and knowing how to prepare your mind and physical space was not so intuitive.

      Once all the guests were in the Zoom room, we were greeted by Mason, who led us through the entire event. He gave us an overview of what to expect during the meditation.
      The first thing we did was sage our individual spaces. Mason explained that burning sage is a practice used in many cultures used to clear any negative energy in your surroundings. Even though there are different beliefs stemming from different cultures when it comes to sage burning, he emphasized that we can all benefit from it, no matter what culture we’re from or what belief system we follow. This was an extremely inclusive and welcoming space.
      After the sage was burnt, we did some light body movements to loosen up. I found this very soothing and a good reminder to let go of any unnecessary tension. The light movements were then followed by a Pranayama breathing exercise designed to release tension and enhance peace of mind.
       Then we started the meditation which was a visualization meditation. Mason took us through an imaginary paradise. Whatever our idea of paradise was, we visualized ourselves there, present in the moment. We acknowledged any feelings and emotions that we wanted to let go of and leave behind and did just that. It was important to note, however, that leaving behind didn’t mean completely ignoring any stress in your life, but rather acknowledging and accepting it with grace. Something Mason said that stuck out to me was “You are not your thoughts, you are not your emotions.” You have thoughts and emotions but cannot allow them to take over the real, blissful, serene YOU.
      The perfect way to end the event was with a soothing “sound bath” in which Mason used different types of Singing Bowls, including one made entirely of Crystal Quartz. The sound of this bowl took the experience to another level. The sound vibrations took over, and even though I listened through the computer screen, I could sense these vibrations flowing through my body. I quite literally felt cleansed by this sound and understand why it’s called a sound bath!

      Overall, I felt so light and at ease after this experience. I’ve always been curious to get into the practice, and this was a great way to kickstart my journey. Meditation is such a simple habit to build, with so many benefits associated to help us live more blissful lives."