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      SEED Sessions — Camping Gear

      Photo-Camping the Buttermilk's

      Photo-Camping the Buttermilk's

      SEED People's market is a unique store that offers niche products that appeal to modern design and inspiration from the classics. Although the SEED team has developed a one of a kind store environment they derive all of this creativity from the outdoors.

      This latest trip to the Buttermilk region near Bishop, CA is no exception. With just a truck, camping gear and 35mm roll of film, this group captured some vibes that we can all appreciate.  

      "We took a trip to the high desert and the beauty of that place did not disappoint. There is not much to say about this trip besides it being a breath of fresh air and a weekend full of good times. What's a trip into wide open spaces without some off roading through its huge rock formations? We climbed 100ft rock faces and walked carefully across frozen log bridges. The road up to that lead to the High Sierras was closed due to weather conditions, but the desert that surrounded us was unique and beautiful in its own way.”

      Bishop CA Camping

      Nissan Frontier Offroad

      35mm film photo in Bishop, CA

      Road trip through Bishop, CA

      Shooting with 35mm film outdoors

      Camping in Bishop, CA

      35mm film photos from camping road trip

      Weekend Trip to Hungry Packer Lake

      Weekend Trip to Hungry Packer Lake

      "Have you ever given yourself the gift of a breath of fresh air, a moment to challenge your strength, endurance, and sanity? We learn so much about ourselves when we take a step outside, far away from anyone and anything. Once you have experienced it for yourself, you will never stop going out into the wild. 
      Our hike up the mountain to Hungry Packer Lake was anything but ordinary. Of course, when we were out in the wilderness, there was seemingly no end to the beauty that surrounded us.
      Hungry Packer Lake Backpacking Trip
      Once we stepped away from the hustle and bustle of our lives in the big city, I really began to notice our surroundings in such a profound way. It took us two days to get to the highest point of the trail. We jumped through streams, climbed huge rocks, slept in the trees, fished in the ponds, and rediscovered the wild in a new and unique way. 
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      Hiking Hungry Packer Lake
      GoPro photo with dog
      The night that we got to the top of the mountain, there was a huge fire blazing on the other side of the Hungry Packer ridge. I honestly stayed up most of the night wondering if the blustering wind was drawing the flames closer toward us. Judging by the height of the ridge and the rocky terrain, I can confidently conclude that my fear was totally irrational.
      Fire danger while backpacking
      Sleeping under the stars while camping
      There were many instances like this though. Moments when I thought for sure that I could not overcome the obstacle in front of me, but then ceased to amaze myself when I was able to. That was the biggest lesson that I took away from this trip, realizing that I am more than capable of facing my fears and overcoming those things that hold me back. Taking risks is one of the single most important things we as humans need to do, the moment that we finally muster enough courage to just jump off of the (metaphorical) cliff, is what causes us to grow and gain confidence in who we are.
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      Camping photos from Hungry Packer Lake
      It is truly a gift to be able to explore such magnificent beauty out in the mountains. I think that we were made for the wild, and that deep within our beings, we are searching for our freedom, we need that breath of fresh air.”
      Gopro Hero camping photos
      - Kelli Hiner