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      SEED Sessions — Bishop California

      Photo-Camping the Buttermilk's

      Photo-Camping the Buttermilk's

      SEED People's market is a unique store that offers niche products that appeal to modern design and inspiration from the classics. Although the SEED team has developed a one of a kind store environment they derive all of this creativity from the outdoors.

      This latest trip to the Buttermilk region near Bishop, CA is no exception. With just a truck, camping gear and 35mm roll of film, this group captured some vibes that we can all appreciate.  

      "We took a trip to the high desert and the beauty of that place did not disappoint. There is not much to say about this trip besides it being a breath of fresh air and a weekend full of good times. What's a trip into wide open spaces without some off roading through its huge rock formations? We climbed 100ft rock faces and walked carefully across frozen log bridges. The road up to that lead to the High Sierras was closed due to weather conditions, but the desert that surrounded us was unique and beautiful in its own way.”

      Bishop CA Camping

      Nissan Frontier Offroad

      35mm film photo in Bishop, CA

      Road trip through Bishop, CA

      Shooting with 35mm film outdoors

      Camping in Bishop, CA

      35mm film photos from camping road trip